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The Best Value PEV Dealer on Earth

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Current Pricing (*Subject to change)


Master Pro V3 – 50s$4,199    (Sale)
Master Pro V3 – 50gb$3,899
Ex30 – 50s$2,999 (Sale)
EX30 – 50GB$2,799    (Sale)
ET MaxComing Soon
Extreme – 50s$2,699    (Sale)
Extreme – 50gb$2,599
Master V4 – 50s$2,499
T4 Pro 

$1,699    (Sale)

A2 – 50gb$999
MTen Mini – 50s                $499

Extreme Bull

Commander Pro V3 – 50s$3,299    (Sale)
Commander Pro – V2$2,799
Commander GT – 50s$2,599
Commander Mini$2,399
GT Pro – 50sComing Soon


S9      $489
S16 Pro – 50s$1,995    (Sale)         
S19 Pro$2,299    (Sale)
S22 Pro                                               $2,399    (Sale)

LeaperKim / InMotion / Extreme Wheel

Lynx – 50s$3,799                                         


Sherman S$3,799 
InMotion – V14 – 50s$3,099
inMotion V13$3,299    
Extreme Wheel K6 Max – 50s$3,799    
Extreme Wheel K6 – 40T    (Demo Unit –                 $2,999   

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Original price was: $600.00.Current price is: $499.00.

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