BEGODE - Master Pro V3

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Master Pro -V3

Begode Master Pro: The daddy EUC for long-distance travel with 140 miles range, UPGRADED 5000 watt motor and very comfortable suspension and seated position. This EUC will take you further and faster than ever before.

Battery Options


– Battery Capacity: 4,800 wh Samsung 50gb or 50s high amp cells

– Motor: C40 – 5000 watt – No load speed (with no rider) – 93 mph (150 kph)

– Voltage: 134.4 Volts

– Controller: Upgraded 36 Mosfets – 7 Capacitors

– Suspension: 80mm of travel

– Tires: Size – 20 inch – Street & Trail option avalable

– Weight: 118 lb (53.5 kg)

– Range: Up to 140 Miles (225 km)

– Warranty: 24 Month manufacturers warranty on parts – 18 months on the battery

Special Features

High Torque Motor Specialy winded C40 Motor – 5000 watts

Reinforced wider 3 inch rim (black)

Powerful upgraded 134.4v Controller

Lightweight Spiked Pedals

Shipping Times

In Stock Orders:
Orders ship UPS and take between 2-5 days to arrive.

Back Orders:
Back Orders take approximately 4-5 weeks to arrive locally from order date and will ship domestically in the US via UPS.

International Shipping Orders:
International Shipping Orders take approximately 4-5 weeks to arrive.

International Air Shipping Orders take approximately 7-12 days to arrive.

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