EXTREMEBULL - Commander Mini

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Commander Mini

The Commander Mini is the nimble 16 inch offering from Extreme Bull This EUC is extremely well built. Offering the best build quality to date from the manufacture. This EUC excels off road and on trails with its comfortable hydraulic suspension and adjustable pedal height.

Battery Options

CNC Handles and Bumpers


– Battery Capacity: 2400 wh Samsung 50s high amp cells OR 50e cells

– Motor: C38 – 3200 watt – No load speed (with no rider) 71 mph – With Rider – 50 mph

– Voltage: 134.4 Volts

– Controller: 26 Mosfets

– Suspension: 80mm of travel

– Tires: Size – 20 inch

– Weight: 88 lb (40 Kg)

– Range: Up to 65 Miles (105 km)

– Warranty: 12 Month manufacturers warranty on parts – 6 months on the battery

Special Features

This is Extreme Bulls entry range 16 inch EUC. With a fantastic power on a nimble 16 in wheel

Hydraulic Suspension with 80mm of travel

nimble 16 inch tire offering incredible torque

Shipping Times

In Stock Orders:
Orders ship UPS and take between 2-5 days to arrive.

Back Orders:
Back Orders take approximately 4-5 weeks to arrive locally from order date and will ship domestically in the US via UPS.

International Shipping Orders:
International Shipping Orders take approximately 4-5 weeks to arrive.

International Air Shipping Orders take approximately 7-12 days to arrive.

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