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InMotion – V11/Y

InMotion – V11/Y

InMotion – V11/Y

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The upgraded InMotion V11Y . has been improved with a much more powerful Raptor controller. 2,500 watt motor offering 40% more power, improved hybrid tire and new orange and black look. This classic EUC has been upgraded so it can continue to be among the most popular nimble and lightweight beginner suspension EUC’s available.

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  Features include:

– Battery Capacity: 1,500 wh

Motor: 2,500 watt motor – Riding Speed – 37 mph ( 60 kph)

Voltage:  72.6 Volts

Controller: Raptor controller – 42 mosfet – 18 capacitors

Suspension: 85mm – Progressive Spring

Weight: 66 lb (30 kg)

Tire Size: 18 Inch – Hybrid street tire

Range: Up to 100 Miles (100 km)

Warranty: 12 Month manufacturers warranty on parts – 6 months on the battery


                                                                                                   Special Features:

Upgraded V11/Y

Upgraded Raptor contorller

Upgraded 2,500 watt motor

Orange bumpers

New hybrid street tire

New striped orange color scheme

Faster 10 amp charging capability




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